A clean waste treatment option: Biogas.

What is biogas technology?

Biogas technology is the treatment of organic waste under anaerobic (air-free) condition. In practice, treatment is carried out in two main forms: wet and dry digestion. In wet digestion, the water content is at least three-quarters of the weight of the waste. In contrast, water content is less than a quarter of the feed weight for dry fermentation.

The treatment is carried out by bacteria in series of processes, resulting in formation of digested slurry (or digestate) and biogas. Biogas is a gaseous fuel that burns with a blue flame just like LPG.

About us

This is one of my public toilet site at Kasoa  which the  methane gas is burning
As a privately-owned firm registered in 2005 under the Registrar General’s Department of the Republic of Ghana, Adjei Kum Construction Works has constructed Biogas Toilet system for public servants, corporate bodies and the informal sectors.As construction expert, Adjei kum construction works, sees it as the way forward, an innovative approach and  cost-effective for any one to consider Biogas Dister System as one -stop solution to waste management and rising fuel costs that can last a life time!


>Constructions cost is less or equal to the old fashioned septic tank depending on your needs
>Requires no dislodging and we guarantee its life-span for over five decades(50 years)
Very cost-effective solution since it provides free fuel for domestique use in the form of LPG, replacing the need for gas cylinders.
>Could be used to generate electricity with Biogas generators
>The system is environmentally friendly as it generates no odour or pollution
>Utilizes small land space for its construction (land economy)
>Can be constructed on all types of soil texture even in water-logged areas.
Adjei Kum Construction Works has won an award with the Jasikan District Assembly in the Duapa Award on June 22, 2016 for designing the best liquid waste management strategy.


Representatives from Adjei Kum Construction Works and Jasikan District Assembly receiving the Duapa Award ( From Left to right Honourable Alhaji Collins Dauda-Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, Daniel Osei-Aboma- Marketer, Nana-Apewubea II-Queen Mother of Jasikan, Honorable Kilian Abrampah-DCE of Jasikan District Assembly)


Adjei Kum Construction Works has climbed the sanitation ladder to the point of receiving an Honorary Award in the just ended Dignified City Award held on July 24, 2019.

Here is the link to the Dignified City Award Ceremony :  https://youtu.be/2Oa9TeAo5sc

BIOGAS! BIOGAS!!  Generate methane gas(CH4) a fuel for cooking - Could be used to generate electricity with Biogas Generator - Requires NO Dislodging

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