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>Biogas Digesters
>General Building construction
>Supply of construction materials

>Bole hole
>Ilite concrete
>Civil Engineering
>Solar Installation
>Carpentry & Painting work
Biogas Digesters
The digester is the air-tight structure in which waste is treated. It is typically made of concrete, brick, steel, plastic, or fiberglass. Simple digesters may have volumes as low as six cubic meters while advanced ones may range from several hundreds to thousands of cubic meters.
Biogas uses

Biogas can replace firewood, charcoal or LPG as cooking fuel. In industry, it can be used to generate steam for process heating or power generation.
In animal farms or slaughterhouses, biogas can be used to refrigerate animal products. When industries invest in biogas plants, they benefit from energy savings, reduced cost of waste treatment, and improved image.
General Building construction

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